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Podiatrists are specialists in the treatment and maintenance of the leg and foot. The feet form the body’s foundations and so are vital to ensure the correct function of the rest of the body.  Many disorders such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Circulatory and Neurological diseases often appear in the feet first. 


Your first consultation and treatment may take a little longer than subsequent visits, as your podiatrist will review your medical history and current medication and make a careful note of your current symptoms before he undertakes a thorough examination of your lower limbs. He may also look at the way you walk and have you perform specific tasks such as kneeling or balancing on your toes.  This will help your podiatrist to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and begin an effective course of treatment. He will discuss with you his diagnosis, the treatment options available and the expected outcome. Because every person is unique, the number and frequency of treatments will vary from person to person.



what to expect from our podiatrists

Our podiatrists deal with a vast array of foot and lower limb problems and employ a number of different treatment modalities to restore and maintain your optimum lower limb health.  You can explore more about your pain by clicking on the link below that best describes how you feel.  Either follow the links in "where is your pain" or choose a condition from the alphabetical list that best describes how you feel.  



Where is your pain? (these linked pages are still under construction)

Toes  Sole of Foot  Heel  Ankle 
Ball of Foot  Top of Foot  Achilles Knee

Conditions we treat

Here's a brief list of some common conditions we see in our clinic. Click on one to explore it further.


Achilles tendonitis Heel pain Osteochondritis
Ankle sprain Knee pain Plantar fasciitis
Dancer's cuboid Morton's neuroma  Shin splints
Fibromyalgia Nerve entrapment  Stress fracture

Some of the treatments we use

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