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Corns - tiny little lesions but a great big pain!!  These little menaces cause pain way out of proportion to their size.  They are amongst the most common causes of foot pain


What is a corn

They are areas where hard skin has become densely packed into a hard nucleus.  This is caused by too much pressure being applied to the area.  They usually occur over bony prominances either on the ball of the foot, on top of or between the toes, but they can appear virtually anywhere on the foot.  For most people it feels like they have a stone in their shoe and the centre of the corn really can be that hard. 

The root of the problem

It's a common misconception that a corn has a root which can be removed, preventing the corn from returning.  This unfortunately is not the case.  A corn develops purely in response to excessive pressure being applied to the area.  Once the corn is removed you will usually experience immediate relief.  However, if the source of the pressure is not also removed then the corn will simply redevelop over time.  For some people, that means a visit to the clinic every 6 weeks or so.  For others, the relief can last much longer - months or even years at a time.  How long you will get relief for depends on a variety of factors, incuding footwear, occupation, sporting activity, general health and much more.  Talk to your podiatrist about how long you should expect to be pain-free for and whether it is possible to remove the excessive pressures that caused your lesion in the first place.


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